Bucky O'Hare Fan Fiction by Andrew Norris

(updated 6/5/08)

Diary Of A Lonely Spaceman
An exiled astronaut ends up discovering the secrets of the aniverse. With a picture of the Fireball XL6 crew (Andrew, AMD-4, Butch, Hannah).

What do the disappearance of The Screaming Mimi, Bucky's missing schoolmate, and a ruined temple on Rigel II have in common?

KOMPLEX enslaves the Aldebarans while Willy flies The Indefatigable.

Chuck Bodgers In The 28th Century
A spinoff inspired by Willy DuWitt's storybook, Chuck Bodgers in the 28th Century,, as mentioned in "Brainwashed."

Valentines' Day
Mimi and Jenny are fighting over Bucky again, but can any of them save the military ship Valentine, or will Captain Smata get his vengance?

Held to Ransom
The kidnapping of a young girl unleashes terrifying memories for Cassie, more secretive than the Aldebaran Sisterhood ...

The Toad Invasion of Earth
To wreak vengeance on Willy, the toads plan their biggest strategy yet: a full-scale invasion of the planet Earth.

A Soviet Indignation
A long-lost society of Communists brew up trouble for Bucky O' Hare, especially since the toads have been manhunting them for years ...

The Ruthless Robots
Something has arrived in the aniverse, endangering toads and mammals alike: a sinister race of psychopathic robots, the Daleks.

When Bucky O'Hare Met Roger Rabbit
The betrayal of a deceptive toad agent in the UAC leads to the arrival of a nutty-yet-useful asset in the Toad Wars.

True Love
In an attempt to make Bucky jealous, Mimi makes a false date with Colonel Mew, only to find her true love.

Hidden Identity
When discovering the fate of the 2060s' Earth, Willy unknowingly meets his childhood hero. Part 1 of 2.

Planet of the Pink Panther
Bucky and crew meet an unlikely leader when Noctur IV, the panther planet, suffers heavy toad attack. Part 2 of 2.

Invasion of the Daleks
The Daleks are back, but this time, they plan to obliterate mammals and toads alike with their deadliest weapon: the Special Weapons Dalek. With a picture of a Special Weapons Dalek in the toad mothership.

Bucky's Army
Fiasco reigns over Bucky, especially when Fritz deems him head of the new Genus Home Guard. Will Bucky risk the challenge? Or will he die in his sleep?

The Space Spectre
Ghosts are popping up all over Genus, and not even the magic of the Aldebarans can soothe them. But why are they here? Why are they attacking? Most importantly, who's their leader?

An Aniversian Tail
Bucky begins to learn the truth about Councillor Mouskewitz and slowly pieces together his mysterious arrival on Genus.

The Second-to-Last Samurai
Sly Lizard is planning something. Something evil, something dreadful, something that could end the UAC once and for all ...

Only Skin Deep
Larry Callan is suddenly taken ill by a mysterious illness. Can the invasion of Oceanus VII by the Toads and their newly appointed Fleet Pilot be linked?

Invaders from the Red Planet
When an ancient legend on Noctur IV comes true, Bucky and the Panthers begin to do battle with a warmongering Martian, but who will be the last one standing?

Van Owlsing
Another horrible haunt arrives for Bucky when the vampire ferret, Nosferretu, begins a blood-drinking fiesta across Genus. Whom will Bucky trust: the feathered fool Count Duckula, or the mysterious Prof. Van Owlsing?

The Home Guard Gambit
Having been given a generous donation, everyone thinks that The Genus Home Guard will buy a new HQ -- just where The Toad Fleet Pilot wants them to crush Genus's defenses ...

UAC Training Manual
The daily workings of the UAC on Genus.

Having defeated the Toad Fleet Pilot, Bucky must now face a larger problem with a little help from some old friends ...

Vengeance of the Daleks
When on patrol, Bucky is called to recover a capsule that has crashed on Toxus III, but the Daleks want the capsule back ...

Back to the Trenches
The UAC is celebrating the end of the First Toad War on Genus, ressurecting past demons for Corporal Kingston ...

Raising Titanic II
When it's discovered that the disappeared wreck of the Titanic II was carrying a vital ingredient for atom bombs, both the toads and the UAC set out to find it, but will they be too late?

Fatal Alliance
When two evil superpowers of the cosmos unite, Bucky is caught in matters no better than the toad wars.

A Toady Christmas Carol
A BOH Christmas special starring the Toad Air Marshal as Ebenezer Scrooge and Bucky O'Hare as Bob Cratchit.

Trading Faces
The Air Marshal has concocted a sinister potion that may endanger the UAC for good.

One Van Damme Thing After Another
As Natalie encounters some past demons, the toads begin to revolt against KOMPLEX for no apparent reason. Could this mean the end of the Toad Wars once and for all?

Noughts and Hooked Crosses
A strange spacecraft has arrived in the aniverse for a sinister purpose. Could it be linked with abductions on Aldebaran and an attack on a Dalek spaceship?

One More Van Damme Thing After Another
The correct toad frequency has been found and the UAC is preparing to attack KOMPLEX once again, but a stranger has other ideas ...

Crystal is having dreams. Dreams of Bucky. Dreams of the future -- a future more desperate than the present ...

Bucky O'Hare: The Movie
With Bucky on the big screen, he encounters a bigger foe. A sinister toad general has usurped KOMPLEX and is using uncanny spiritual powers to crush the UAC once and for all, and only Bucky can stop him ...

The Finest Hour of Commander Dogstar
When mercenary Byron Mann steals a rare chemical to sell to the toads, Dogstar is sent to arrest him with the aid of the mysterious Vice Admiral Raven, but why is Dogstar acting so oddly?

Past Demons
A string of murders on Kinnear causes Bucky to be captured by a menacing robot calling himself Gammaximus Alpha, but how is Chuck Bodgers involved in all of this?

Disappearing salvagers. Genus Control hit by lightning. A spooky ship that sends Rumblebee mad. Could anything else go wrong?

Chitty Chitty Whir Whir
It is shore leave, and Natalie is hunting for a flashy car. Little does she know that her new car has more than just bells and whistles -- it has a personality. With pictures of Chitty Chitty Whir Whir and the Chuckmobile.

The Night of the Short Knives
After many failures, the Toad Field Marshal replaces the ST with an elite unit, with a mission to infiltrate and capture the Intelligence Base on Sludge.

A Day in the Life of Mimi LaFleur
A diary entry describing the life of Capt. Mimi LaFleur. WARNING! This story contains sexual content. You have been warned.

Chuck Bodgers V
The mammals are making a new propaganda film, but the toads have kidnapped the lead actor, and only one person and a rabbit have the powers to stop them. Guest appearance by Kinjite.

The Love Frigate
Afterr recieving invitations on the maiden voyage of a new space liner, Bucky and his love boat end up being attacked by toads. But if they don't want Bucky, whom are the toads really after?

Pop Goes The Diesel
Admiral Hudson assigns a temporary recruit to the Righteous, but Bruiser has his doubts. Part 1 of 2.

In the Army Now
With Bucky facing certain death, Private Diesel makes the ultimate sacrifice. Part 2 of 2.

Captain Lanel & the Golden Puma
A supporting feature for Bucky O' Hare: The Movie, starring the Corsair Carnards.

The Great Train Robbery
With the maiden voyage of a new passenger transport for the UAC Admiralty, an old enemy returns with a mission to fulfill ...

Carry On, Bucky
Sidney James meets Bucky O'Hare as Bucky is summoned to the planet Fartus Minor when a series of gas-mask thefts leaves everyone baffled. May offend those who dislike lowbrow humor. With a poster.

Aniverse's Most Wanted
The top 10 most-wanted criminals in the aniverse.

Carry On Follow That Dalek
Having traced Davros to the aniverse, the seemingly stupid Dalek Consul, leader of the Imperial Daleks, attempts to bleed the mammals white by attacking strategic targets close to Genus, but that's where it all goes wrong ...

A Tale of Two Tommys
The toads return to Earth in 2008 to exterminate the human race and prevent the births of key UAC agents, but there is a nasty shock in store for Sublieutenant Norris. Part 1 of 2.

The Maddening of Fritz Warner
Daleks, incompetent recruits, and a psychotic madman allied with an arch foe of Captain Britain. It's all in a day for Fritz Warner. Part 2 of 2. With a picture of Captain Crisis.

A timeline of events in the aniverse for this fanfiction collection.

Silver Warts
What do a Cyberman-toad alliance, the vanishing of stormtoads, and a blue box all have in common?

Journey Through Time: The Final Battle
Following a malfunction in an experimental time machine, Bucky and Jenny land on Warren in the 71st century, where they discover the aftermath of the Toad Wars. Part 1 of 4.

Journey Through Time: Of Centurions and Chrononauts
Landing back on Genus during the Roman period, an old friend returns to give a helping hand, and that's where everything goes wrong. Part 2 of 4.

Journey Through Time: Planet of the Onivoids
Bucky and Jenny land on the mysterious planet Logicia in the far future, where they are aided by the pacifist Onivoids. However, when returning to the present day, trouble arouses when Frankenstoat kidnaps Willy! Part 3 of 4.

Journey Through Time: The Day of Blood
Willy finds himself on Earth in 2005, but his presence has aroused interest in a friend of Frankenstoat's. Part 4 of 4.

Cold Blood Coalition: A History
A historical re-enactment of the rise and fall of the CBC during its short life.

The Adventures of Captain Aniverse
Sensitive after a harsh talk from Jenny, Willy turns to his affiliations with the Teen Titans to prove he's not a kid but forgets the importance of being prepared. With a comic book cover.

Carry On Saving the Day
Bucky and Jenny are sent to a remote city on the far side of Genus to build a second spaceport for the UAC, only to find the city is inhabited by unusual mammals, and the friendly neighbourhood insurgent has plans for Bucky ...

The Aniverse Music Chart
The top 20 songs in the rage across Genus.

Rising Up
With Fritz worrying over unity within the Coalition, the S.P.A.C.E. fleet head off to attack a Dalek base on Monotane. So why should the Occultas Galaxy take such an interest?

The Challenge
Landing on Aldebaran, Bucky must battle with other space captains to recieve the ultimate prize, and he must kill to get it ...

With the Mammal Empire still gathering strength on Monotane, the Air Marshal makes a hurried decision to invade Genus once more. But when several unidentified UFOs land on Genus, who is the real villain? Part 1 of 4.

Gathering the Pieces
The Mammal Empire is dead, and as the S.P.A.C.E. fleet retreats to Warren to gather enough strength for a counterattack, the invaders probe into the history of one of their greatest foes. Part 2 of 4.

The Martians are beginning to plan invasions to other planets, the Mammals and the Toads both plan invasions to Genus, while on the surface, the Martians are facing their own problems. Part 3 of 4.

A Shared Victory
The Martians and the mammals are pitted against each other in the final battle, and things look grim until an old friend arrives. Part 4 of 4.

Fanfic Bios
A compilation of Fanfiction characters in the preceding stories. Please note that no cross-bred characters are listed.

Carry On Singing
While the admirals strain over fortifying Genus, Bucky has his own problems against four musical maniacs passing information onto the toads. Is Genus holding out for a hero? Will Bucky let it be? What is this thing called love?

S.P.A.C.E. Leaked Document
From the desk of Colonel Mew, a piece of information from behind the scenes of S.P.A.C.E.'s military rule on Genus.

The Girl In Black
Kinjite returns along with Mimi LaFleur to investigate a strange factory producing stranger machinery parts.

The Lost Planet
In 1956, Colonel Dash Daring strangely vanished while on patrol, and so did the homeworld of the vicious Menkrite Empire. 50 years later, Bucky must try to find this lost world before the Toads can expand their arsenal to genocidal levels.

Friendly Enemies
Sat-Yr-Nin has returned to take revenge against a former ally, but elsewhere, trouble is brewing not only for Willy but also for S.P.A.C.E.'s super-soldier program.

The Bride Of The Mask
Thousands of years ago, the Norse God of Trickery, Loki, was trapped in a wooden mask. Several millenia later, Natalie Farrell falls under the mask's spell, which can only mean panic, fear and giant wooden mallets. With a picture.

The Trial of Fritz Warner: Defence
With Fritz on trial for the Martian incident, Dash Daring is called away to recieve help from a traitor. Part 1 of 3.

The Trial of Fritz Warner: Prosecution
As tension mounts for Fritz in the courtroom, Toadborg is massing an invasion force nearby. Part 2 of 3.

The Trial of Fritz Warner: Verdict
The jury is returning from recess, but as they reach a verdict, Bucky discovers that Fritz's sentence is the least of their worries. Part 3 of 3.

The Aftermath
One week after the great battle for Earth, S.P.A.C.E. is exhausted, the Toad Empire is in ruin, and the Communists are no more. Yet the sides refuse to admit defeat and begin their long struggles out of the doldrums of war.

Return from the Dead
Admiral Blade and Natalie find their grave robber and soon learn that his actions are connected to a toad Double Bubble that has sneaked through the Genus defense system.

Plan 8 from Outer Space
The toads begin a trial run of their clone army over Rigel V. All is going well until Toadborg stupidly overlooks an obvious factor ...

Dash Daring Conquers The Aniverse
A salute to Flash Gordon in the concluding chapter of a retro space serial, where Dash Daring teams up with a mysterious force to rid the aniverse of its evil once and for all! Part 15 of a 15-part serial.

Deadeye The Gunner
Deadeye's relationship with Natalie is put to the test with the arrival of an old Corsair Canard from Deadeye's past.

A Cryptic Conundrum
A surreal shipment to felon Lugs Rubin leads Bucky to Warren and thus to Frankenstoat, but things aren't what they seem.

Mirage Of Evil
One of Aldebaran's most feared nightmares has returned to wreak vengeance, and she has her eyes on a certain warp-drive engineer ...

All is well in the aniverse, except for one UAC officer, a deranged scientist, and a plastic surgeon, who are all trapped in a horror that none of them can possibly escape.

Star Quack
Once again, the toads have perfected a teleporter, and they use it to transport Bucky and his crew to a bizarre parallel universe with even stranger inhabitants.

Mad Dogs And Englishmice
While Bucky and a detective examine Conva over the escape of the GodTurtle, Mimi is left to deal with a former stool pigeon with whom the GodTurtle is desperate to reunite.

Mostly Harmless: The What-If Elseworld of Bucky O'Hare
What if Bucky and Jenny were married? What if Willy loved Felicia in return? What if S.P.A.C.E. had a larger fleet? In this one-off story, these questions and more are answered as events on Aldebaran begin to twist in favor of the toads.

Return To Morphea
During a sting operation, Jenny is accidentally sent to Morphea to confront Mirage once more, where she finds that one friend and one enemy are not as dead as they seem. With a poster.

End Of The Elite
As S.P.A.C.E. finds an unlikely means of funding, Bucky unearths a secret kept hidden for centuries that the toads are desperately seeking ...

Puppet Government
S.P.A.C.E. is suffering at the hands of a new, overzealous chairman, and Willy is called on to help, but how can he seperate fact from fiction?

Steampunk Rock
After a scuffle with the toads, Dash is left to make repairs on the fabled Steampunk Rock, but while Bucky acts as the sentry, Dash soon discovers a long-lost secret the Rock has hidden all these years.

News from the UAC in brief.

History of the Aniverse, Part 1
The complete history of the aniverse, from the dawn of time to the end of the Dark Ages. Part 1 of 2.

History of the Aniverse, Part 2
The history of the aniverse continues, with the birth of the Rennaisance to the modern day and the Toad Wars. Part 2 of 2.

The Mysterious Enigma
The GodTurtle has returned and is now on a mission to murder Bucky and his crew. However, all of them soon find themselves trapped within a mysterious enigma, brought about by the arrival of an enigmatic time-traveller.

A mysterious object has appeared over Genus from seemingly out of nowhere. When experts try to disarm it, things start to go horribly wrong. A coincidence? Or are there more sinister motives at work?

Planet of the Olingo People
Dash Daring finds himself continuing to fulfill a promise 50 years after a desperate encounter on a jungle planet. But why are Bucky and his crew on a world so far from the patrol routes?

The Crossover Crisis
100th Story! Frustrated by constant defeat, Mirage pits Bucky against some of the most powerful heroes ever known. Whom can Bucky trust in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse? Why is Jenny being bullied by a psychotic duck? And can they stop the crossover crisis before the aniverse is destroyed? With a poster.

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