Bucky O'Hare may not have lasted long after the TV series ended, but it wasn't for lack of trying. A large number of Bucky O'Hare-themed items entered the marketplace, from sleeping bags to jigsaw puzzles. Images of these products are below. Some bootleg items have recently surfaced; they are listed at the bottom of this page.

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Painting book




Shoes with watch

Badge (included with issue 2 of the UK comic book)

Sleeping bag


Magic Slate

Sewing fabric

Party Pak

Clothing tag

Jigsaw Puzzle (60 pieces, 16" by 11")

Handheld game

Plush doll (two different versions)

Halloween costumes

Party invitations


Christmas cards

Bucky O'Hare mask production cells

T-shirts by Continuity Studios

Bucky O'Hare chocolate bar (more info here)

The following bootleg merchandise items are depicted below only for cataloging purposes.

Bootleg T-shirts

Bootleg DVDs

Bootleg keychains

Bootleg earrings

Bootleg mask

Bootleg tumbler

Bootleg pin

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