"The Good, the Bad, and the Warty"
(season premiere, part 3)

Episode transcript (provided by Kooshmeister)

Andy Phibian reports on the impending capture of Bucky O'Hare and attempts to interview Toadborg. Annoyed, Toadborg punches out the Toad TV camera. Meanwhile, The Righteous Indignation crashlands in the toad mothership's hangar and is surrounded by stormtoads. Aboard, the mammals try to figure out a plan. Fearful that the toads will attack Genus and use their climate converter, Bucky decides their first priority is to find Al Negator and prevent him from giving the clearance codes to the toads.

After fighting their way through the stormtoads, Bucky, Jenny, Willy, and Deadeye split up to search the mothership for Al as well as for the captured hares. Bucky and Jenny initially go together but get separated at a forked hallway. Deadeye and Willy fly on the Toad Croaker and are attacked by a monstrous toad robot called a Void Droid, which Willy short-circuits by spraying it with his squirt gun. The Air Marshal is enraged, but Frax reminds him it wasn't waterproof. As a reward for destroying the Void Droid, Deadeye returns the play money to Willy, who suddenly falls off of the Toad Croaker and down a chute, winding up in the presence of Al Negator.

Meanwhile, Bucky locates the holding cells but finds them empty. As he is taking it in, Toadborg appears and gloats that his people, the hares, have been taken away to parts unknown to work as slaves. Enraged, Bucky attacks Toadborg, but his maser fire does nothing to harm him. After a brief fight, Toadborg overpowers Bucky and renders him unconscious. Jenny happens upon the scene and, mistaking Toadborg for a robot, tries to blast him with her magic. Unaffected, he defeats her just as easily as he had Bucky. Deadeye, searching vainly for Willy, follows suit.

In Al's quarters, Willy bargains with the sleazasaur for the return of the disk containing the clearance codes. Al gives them to him in exchange for the play money, which Willy tricks him into believing is real. He then finds Bucky, Jenny, and Deadeye as Toadborg's prisoners. Toadborg threatens to jettison them into space unless Willy hands him the disk. Urged on by his new friends, Willy smashes the disk under his boot rather than give in to Toadborg, but Al then reappears with a second disk, explaining he made a copy.

Toadborg leaves Willy to be jettisoned as well, then departs with Al. Before they can be ejected into space, Jenny uses her magic to destroy the controls. The mammals flee back to the hangar, where Bruiser has defeated all of the stormtoads, and escape the mothership as it nears Genus. Toadborg inserts the disk containing the codes into himself and transmits them, deactivating the satellites and allowing him to fly the climate converter down to the now-helpless planet.

As Commander Dogstar and The Indefatigable hold the toads at bay, The Righteous Indignation flies down to the climate converter. Bucky and Willy slip aboard. Bucky doesn't want to endanger Willy, but the young human insists his technical expertise is needed. Toadborg confronts Bucky and fights him on top of the giant machine.

With the evil cyborg thus distracted, Willy is able to reprogram the climate converter to attract lightning, which destroys it. He and Bucky barely escape, and Toadborg is hurled into the stratosphere by the explosion. In doing so, Toadborg loses the disk with the clearance codes, and the satellites come back online and destroy the toad mothership. As the toads frantically escape, Toadborg, still functional, grabs a passing double bubble and is flown to safety.

After celebrating their victory against the toads, Willy has to once more return to Earth. Jenny gives him an Aldebaran memory stone, which she says will allow him to remain in contact with the aniverse at all times. Back on Earth, Willy's computerized skateboard earns Doug a passing grade, and he hogs all the credit. The sympathetic Jeff reassures Willy that he knows who really built it, as Willy gazes longingly into the memory stone, which shows an image of The Righteous Indignation's crew.

This episode is available on the US video "The Toad Menace" and the UK video "War of the Warts."

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