The US Bucky O'Hare comic book was somewhat different from the TV show. Below is a comparison.

Comic Book (US edition)

TV Show

Bucky O'Hare is the captain of The Righteous Indignation, with Pilot Jenny, Deadeye Duck, AFC Blinky, and Engineer Bruce as his crew.


Once the toads become a threat, S.P.A.C.E. is formed, with only enough funds for three frigates and an orbital dock.

The Righteous is the only S.P.A.C.E. frigate, until the capture of Warren leads the UAC to christen The Indefatigable.

Only the UAC's war with the toads is covered, though the secrets of Aldebaran are hinted at.

In addition to the Toad Wars, planets like Aldebaran and Betelgeuse and groups like the Corsair Canards are explored.

Bruce is killed by the photon accelerator in the first few pages.

Bruce is sucked into another dimension by the photon accelerator but is not killed.

Willy DuWitt looks about six years old, has brown hair, and wears a green and yellow shirt. His parents are aging hippies.

Willy DuWitt is ten years old, has blond hair, and wears a blue and red shirt. His parents are aging hippies.

Jenny has white hair with a pink tint.

Jenny has pink hair.

Willy uses his photon accelerator to make a doorway between dimensions and fixes Bucky's accelerator. Willy's parents unknowingly deactivate the accelerator, and he is never able to return home.

Willy uses his photon accelerator to make a doorway between dimensions and fixes Bucky's accelerator. He is able to get home through the door later.

The toads intend to conquer the aniverse by sucking magma out of the cores of invaded planets.

The toads use climate converters to change the climate of conquered planets to a swamp-like ecosystem.

Jenny is captured when the toads attack the Righteous with a mothership.

Jenny is captured, along with the rest of the crew, during a dangerous mission to infiltrate the mothership.

Jenny is told not to use her Aldebaran powers in front of outsiders; however, she is fine with using them to escape the toads' clutches, so long as she mindwipes the toads afterwards.

Jenny only uses her Aldebaran powers to escape when no one is looking, and she never erases anyone's memory.

The plot is resolved by a seemingly omnipotent mouse vanquishing the toads after the crew rescues Jenny.

The first plot is resolved by Bucky and his crew using their skill and intelligence to defeat the toads.