Season Three episodes

Summer Snows
by DJ Clawson
Season Premiere
The United Animals Coalition Conference on Warren is overshadowed by a break-in in the heart of Genus, a mysterious pair of Nharnian knights, and Mimi LaFleur's unhealthy amount of curiosity.
Airdate: 12/31/00

Supply Lines
by Claudia Carranza
Bucky and Jenny, while on vacation together, accidentally find themselves between opposing sides in an Aldebaran underground war.
Airdate: 1/14/01

His Father's Son
by DJ Clawson
An unexpected run-in with an old friend resurrects personal demons for Bucky O'Hare and presents him with an opportunity to discover the meaning behind his past.
Airdate: 1/28/01

Murky Business
by Fero McPiglet, Claudia Carranza, and DJ Clawson
A familiar band of rogues ruins a perfectly good night at the opera for the captains of the UAC fleet.
Airdate: 2/18/01

Thicker Than Water
by DJ Clawson
They say blood is thicker than water, and Jenny is about to find out exactly how much bloodlines mean to her.
Airdate: 3/04/01
Bonus comic by Powree:
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Metal Flesh
by DJ Clawson
A mysterious AI system with a strange set of ethics saves the crew of the Righteous, but at what cost?
Airdate: 3/18/01

by Fero McPiglet
Bucky and Toadborg are stuck on a deserted plant with only each other to survive. And if that isn't bad enough, a strange wind seems to be turning shadows into haunting memories.
Airdate: 4/01/01

Peace and Serenity
by DJ Clawson
A conference on Nharnia ... what are the odds that absolutely nothing's going to happen?
Airdate: 4/15/01

First Contact, Part 1
by Ed Scott 0013
The Righteous encounters an ancient race with mysterious powers and a history with the Aldebarans.
Airdate: 4/29/01

First Contact, part 2
by Ed Scott 0013
Airdate: 5/13/01

by Rygar
Everyone makes mistakes, but if you're the genius engineer of a wartime frigate, your mistakes can be especially deadly.
Airdate: 5/27/01

One of Those Days
by Rygar
Deadeye's still in the hospital, the Righteous is grounded, Fritz has a particularly distasteful mission for Bucky and Willy, and the toads are cooking up a nasty scheme in the background.
Airdate: 9/9/01

by Fero McPiglet
After being exposed to a deadly toxin, Bruiser heads off in search for honor, glory, and death. His path to self-discovery, however, is not made alone.
Airdate: 10/7/01

Fallen, Part 1
by Aaron Halsted
New toad technology has unexpected consequences for the magical members of the Righteous's crew.
Airdate: 11/4/01

Fallen, Part 2
by Aaron Halsted
Airdate: 11/18/01

by Dawvitch Night-Fall
Halloween Special

Forever After
by DJ Clawson
Mysterious enemies are revealed and old allies are pitted against each other on the abandoned planet Toxus II.
Airdate: 12/2/01

All's Well ...
by Claudia Carranza and DJ Clawson
Airdate: 12/16/01

by DJ Clawson and Dawvitch Night-Fall
The Righteous crew deals with the consequences of the recent defection, and Fritz enlists the help of everybody's favorite Luporian mercenary for a scouting mission on the Toad Homeworld.
Airdate: 12/30/01

The Fourth Creator
by Tom
On a moon orbiting Rigel II, the Righteous crew discovers many forgotten legacies.
Airdate: 1/13/02

by Rygar
After the mammals win a seemingly Pyrrhic victory above the skies of Genus, Bucky finally squares off with KOMPLEX face-to-face ... but what happens is the last thing either of them expects.
Airdate: 1/27/02

The Journal
by Fero McPiglet
The UAC try to hold their own against a sudden wave of toad attacks, while someone delves into the mind of Willy DuWitt.
Airdate: 2/10/02

Flight of The Rogue Star, Part 1
by Fero McPiglet
The defected crewmember unveils a plan to help KOMPLEX destroy the aniverse, the UAC protects their own, and four familiar foul-ups get in over their heads.
Airdate: 3/3/02

Flight of The Rogue Star, Part 2
by Fero McPiglet
Airdate: 3/17/02

... That Ends Well
by DJ Clawson
Season Finale
The Righteous's crew reaches the end of a long, dark tunnel, but is there any light to be found?
Airdate: 4/28/02
Bonus illustration by Powree

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