Season Five episodes

Battle Fronts
by Rygar and Kooshmeister
Season Premiere
Bucky and the UAC are rebuilding in the months after liberating Genus from the toads, but picking up the pieces will be harder than expected. It doesn't help that the construction of Warren's new defense system isn't quite going as planned.
Airdate: 1/03/10

by Rygar
When the toads knock out the aniverse's critical positioning system, Bucky and two of S.P.A.C.E.'s new crews are put to the test.
Airdate: 1/17/10

Loss of Faith
by WatsonSword
Willy returns to the aniverse, just in time for Aldebaran to take a turn for the worse. Unfortunately, Tommy has a plan ...
Airdate: 1/31/10

Fowl Play
by WatsonSword
Something terrible is afoot in mallard space, and Deadeye Duck and Kamikaze Kamo must work together to solve the mystery before it destroys the four-armed ducks forever.
Airdate: 2/14/10

The Polidori Experiment
by Kooshmeister
When visiting a UAC research outpost headed by the mysterious Dr. Polidori, Bucky and his crew discover the aftermath of a horrific experiment gone wrong.
Airdate: 2/28/10

by Rygar
Roedecker enacts a scheme to obtain the money Fritz promised him, and the tension between Bucky and Jenny reaches a turning point.
Airdate: 3/14/10

by Rygar
While Willy's connection to his friends on Earth strengthens, two aniversians reevaluate what they hold most dear -- one passively, one actively.
Airdate: 3/28/10

by Fero McPiglet
As turmoil washes over the crew of The Righteous Indignation, two lost souls confront a third as Jenny and Dallion face off against an old foe: the weather-manipulating Cyberstorm.
Airdate: 4/11/10

by WatsonSword
Felicia swore it wasn't over between her and Tommy. But when the Temple of Arkool offers her the chance to act on her ambitions, accepting may be the last mistake she ever makes.
Airdate: 4/25/10

by Rygar
While Bucky investigates the bounty on his head, Willy comes to Dogstar with a request.
Airdate: 5/9/10

Old Habits
by Rygar
When Harry's past comes back to haunt him, Mimi must undertake the sort of job she thought she'd left behind forever.
Airdate: 5/23/10

On the Brink
by Rygar
Airdate: 6/6/10

Phase Two
by Rygar
Airdate: 8/1/10

Home Again
by Rygar
The return of an old friend leaves Bucky's crew with a difficult decision to make. Meanwhile, the UAC elects a new Chairman.
Airdate: 8/15/10

The Armored Artificer
by WatsonSword
An infamous and all-too-familiar Aldebaran cult worships the warrior saint Moashk'Arkool. It's common knowledge on Aldebaran that Moashk'Arkool is only a myth ... or is she?
Airdate: 8/29/10

In Death
by Rygar and Kooshmeister
Death comes for a member of The Righteous Indignation's crew. But that is only the beginning of his journey ...
Airdate: 9/12/10

A Toad In Mammal's Clothing, Part 1
by Kooshmeister
Renfield feels mounting pressure from his superiors as Bucky attempts to track down the identity of the second toad spy. Meanwhile, the toad on Genus are up to something.
Airdate: 9/26/10

A Toad In Mammal's Clothing, Part 2
by Kooshmeister and WatsonSword
Airdate: 10/10/10

Rabbit Season
by DJ Clawson
Kadaf Warner has a no good, very bad day -- but at least he's not the one in season.
Airdate: 10/24/10

by Rygar
Someone breaks the mercs out of prison so they can steal Dr. Wallace's secrets, but a certain team of Betelgeusian berserker baboons isn't going to make it easy for them.
Airdate: 11/7/10

The Day of Reckoning, Part 1
by WatsonSword
The Aldebarans abandon their embassy when a crippling sickness suddenly engulfs their species. For the few who know its cause, the question is, is it even possible to fight this enemy?
Airdate: 11/21/10

The Day of Reckoning, Part 2
by WatsonSword
Airdate: 12/19/10

by Rygar
Series Finale, part 1
The toads' newest weaponry gives them an immediate and brutal edge in their war against the mammals. Reeling, the UAC hastily puts together a plan to contain the threat and finish KOMPLEX for good.
Airdate: 12/26/10

Bonus illustration by Powree

The Beginning
by Rygar
Series Finale, part 2
Airdate: 1/9/11

Bonus illustration by Powree

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