A dictionary of terms used in the TV and Web series

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AFC (Android First Class): top-of-the-line androids developed by Dr. Wallace. Example: Blinky.

ASC (Android Second Class): androids developed by the UAC for battle use. Example: Rumblebee.

Academy, The: the most prestigious military academy in the aniverse. Based on Genus. The alma matter of Bucky, Jenny, and Dogstar.

"Ayoogah!": the famous war cry of the Betelgeusian berserker baboons.

Aldebaran: home of a magical cat race; also the term for natives.

Aniverse: the dimension where the series takes place.

Artificer: (slang: witch) a person trained in the magical arts of Aldebaran.

Betelgeusia: home planet of the baboons.

Berserker Baboon: a special class of baboons trained to use their size and war cry to intimidate the enemy into running away.

Canis II: a dog planet near Aldebaran. Known for the Graham Institute of Technology. It recently withdrew from the UAC Security Council.

Climate converter: a machine developed by the toads to alter an entire planet's climate, usually to a swamp-like ecosystem.

Coldbloods: slang term for cold-blooded creatures (i.e. non-mammals). Including toads, lizards, and sleazasaurs.

Corneria: (slang: pirate) a fox planet. Part of the UAC Security Council.

Corsair Canard: (slang: pirate) a four-armed duck from Kanopis III who is part of a guild of space pirates based off of Rigel VII. They no longer loot mammal ships, thanks to a treaty with the UAC; they now fight only toads.

Creators, The: the three toads responsible for creating KOMPLEX. After he turned evil, he sent them out to drift aimlessly in a broken ship in space. They were rescued by O'Hare's crew but revealed they had no idea how to destroy KOMPLEX.

Dark Heart Nebula, The: an area of the aniverse with an incredibly high concentration of energy, used by Aldebaran Artificers for their soul quests.

Earth: home planet of Willy DuWitt and Lucas MacArthur. Not located in the aniverse.

Frell: aniversian swear word with the same meaning as Earth's f-word.

Frith: the sun god worshipped by Lopineneans.

Genus: the capital planet of the United Animals Coalition and home of the headquarters of the Security Council. For that reason, it has the most sophisticated defense system in the aniverse.

Graham Institute of Technology: the most prestigious technological school in the aniverse, based on the planet Canis II. The alma mater of Dile O'Crock, Digger McSquint, Ramsay MacLeod, and Mike Marison.

Great Mother: the patron deity of Warren, according to hare legends.

"Hairless baboon": an unintentional slang term for human.

Indefatigable, The: the second ship commissioned by the UAC to deal with the toad menace after O'Hare's repeated requests for backup. Formerly captained by Commander Sirius Dogstar, the current captain is Commander Artemis Wolf.

Kanopis III: home planet of all four-armed ducks, including Deadeye Duck.

KOMPLEX: (anagram for a toad phrase meaning "feed me") an artificial intelligence program originally designed by the toads to do menial chores until it turned evil and brainwashed the toads, putting them on the warpath.

Lopine: the language of Lopineneans.

Lopinenean: a worshipper of Frith and his son, Uraysus.

Maser: acronym for Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. They are blasts that cause burn damage and are the basic form of mammal ammunition/firepower in the aniverse.

Male Resistance, The: a rebel group led by Prince Tommy on Aldebaran. Its platform is equal equality for both male and female Aldebarans.

Mark: the level of warp speed (faster-than-light speed) achieved by thrust from a photon accelerator. The mammal ships in the S.P.A.C.E. fleet are capable of mark-5 speeds, as is The Rogue Star (Al Negator's ship). Cameleous also possesses a mark-5 accelerator. The toads can only go at mark-3.

Nharnia: home planet of the legendary Nharnian knight lions.

Nharnian Knights: legendary Lopinenean knights known for their incredible combat skills and moral integrity. They are the only inhabitants of the aniverse known to be trained with lightsabers.

Noctur II: home planet of the raccoons, and the first planet to be invaded by the toads. Bucky O'Hare's family was killed in the invasion.

"Oh my stars!": a general, neutral expression used commonly in the aniverse to express shock or disbelief.

Photon accelerator: a machine that links two spots together, no matter their distance. They are the main mechanism of warp travel in the aniverse. If two accelerators are tuned to the same frequency, they will interact with each other, potentially creating a connection between dimensions. Willy has one in his room that is linked to the one onboard The Righteous Indignation.

Plasma: the form of energy used by most toad weaponry.

Quark demons: balls of pure energy that seem to move of their own will. Used by Aldebaran artificers to power their sensors.

Regen: short for dimensional regenerator. A person capable of regenerating spontaneously and teleporting through dimensions based on limited amounts of power. Example: Cameleous.

Righteous Indignation, The: the first ship commissioned by the UAC to specifically deal with the toad menace, though the original assignment was technically border patrol. The captain is Captain Bucky O'Hare.

Rigel V: home planet of the koalas.

Rigel VII: the main known base of the Corsair Canards.

Rodent: a derogatory term for Bucky O'Hare used by toads.

S.P.A.C.E. (Sentient Protoplasm Against Colonial Encroachment): the UAC's special fleet against the toads.

San Francisco: Willy's native city on Earth.

Saurion: home planet of the samurai lizards.

Screaming Mimi, The: the third ship commissioned to fight the toads. The captain is former rebel leader Captain Mimi LaFleur.

Simoleans: aniversian currency that comes in the form of small purple balls that can be attached to a string.

Sludge: a planet known for its filthy atmosphere. Once the secret base of the UAC's Sludge Intelligence Agency station.

Soul quest: a trip each Aldebaran Artificer-in-training takes into the Dark Heart Nebula to learn the meaning of her powers and become a true Artificer.

Spell gems: gems worn by Aldebaran Artificers to aid them with their magic spells.

Toadborg: the first cyborg built by KOMPLEX to serve the Toad Empire. He was originally part machine, part stormtoad; he is now entirely machine.

Toad TV: the mindless entertainment KOMPLEX inserts subliminal messages into, thereby brainwashing and controlling the toad populace.

UAC (United Animals Coalition): a loose confederation of mammalian planets. Legislation is dealt with by the General Assembly, but all serious security matters are dealt with by the Security Council.

UACSC (United Animals Coalition Security Council): the council in charge of security matters for the aniverse. Currently headed by Chairman Sirius Dogstar and Vice Chairman Sanzer Griff.

Uraysus: the son of sun god Frith. A lion.

Vilthuril: Lopinenean term referring to a seer or prophet.

Voren, The: a beast that feeds on magical energy and may only be destroyed by the total absence of energy. It may also be bound into a magical ring, but that requires the sacrifice of an Aldebaran Artificer.

Warners: a mysterious family made up of unrelated members, most of whom seem to hail from other dimensions. Includes Fritz Warner, Kadaf Warner, Jonathan Weissman, Garfield Katz, and Ren Höek.

Warren: the hare home world. It was conquered by the toads and its climate altered, but it was later freed and restored thanks to the efforts of Bucky O'Hare. It served as the temporary base of the UAC when Genus was conquered by the toads.

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