Season Four episodes

by Rygar
Season Premiere
Bucky and his crew are still recovering from losing both their engineer and their ship, but they may have an even bigger problem on their hands: an unexpected and dangerous new enemy.
Airdate: 2/1/04

Good Intentions
by Rygar
With Bucky's crew still lacking a frigate, Chairman Warner splits them up between The Indefatigable and The Screaming Mimi to investigate suspicious toad activity on two abandoned mining planets.
Airdate: 2/15/04

Crossover Convention
by Fero McPiglet and Rygar
Familiar faces abound as Bucky O'Hare heads to the Second Annual Engineers' Convention to hire an engineer for his new frigate.
Airdate: 2/29/04

The Wayward Apprentice
by DJ Clawson
With a little help, Bucky and Jenny piece together their memories and relive the last experience they had with Willy DuWitt before he was captured by the toads.
Airdate: 3/14/04

Drastic Measures
by Anthony Bannon
The prison escape of a dangerous toad captain leaves Fritz with a choice to make. His decision puts Bucky on the warpath and brings back some unpleasant memories for Mimi.
Airdate: 3/28/04

by Claudia Carranza
Jenny heads to Aldebaran to heal her illness, but her trip reveals more dangerous symptoms than she'd ever noticed. Meanwhile, Bucky visits his home planet, dealing in business as well as pleasure.
Airdate: 4/11/04

by Rygar
The toads' latest strategy has dire consequences, both for the UAC and for a member of Bucky's crew. Making matters worse, Mimi asks Fritz the one thing he never expected.
Airdate: 4/25/04

by Rygar
Revenge is always best when unexpected, and two of the UAC's deadliest enemies are plotting theirs -- with fatal results. However, not all the action is happening in battle, as Willy DuWitt's condition takes a new turn.
Airdate: 5/9/04

Friends Like These
by Rygar
Deadeye hasn't croaked any toads in a while, and he's starting to get restless. But when a distress call comes in from the Corsair Canards and the evidence points to an ally, Deadeye may get his wish -- and more than he bargained for.
Airdate: 5/23/04

Louder Than Words
by Rygar and Claudia Carranza
As Willy works to rebuild the old photon accelerator, he gets a number of visitors -- including an unexpected one. At the same time, more pieces fall into place on the chessboard of Aldebaran.
Airdate: 6/13/04

The Downward Spiral
by DJ Clawson and Rygar
Airdate: 6/27/04

The Decline and Fall, Part 1
by Rygar
Airdate: 7/11/04

The Decline and Fall, Part 2
by Rygar
Airdate: 7/18/04

Toad TV
by Lexus
Tonight, on a very special episode of Bucky O'Hare: A machine devises a plot to ensure amphibious dominance, a toad achieves a new and sinister purpose, and a very important figure receives a makeover. Bucky O'Hare, coming up next.
Airdate: 8/15/04

Hare at Arms
by DJ Clawson
Bonus Script
The year is 3219, and a young cadet from the Genusian Military Academy named Bucky O'Hare is assigned to patrol the orbit of Rigel II. Together with his new partner, a pilot from Aldebaran, he investigates a mysterious signal sent from the clone research laboratory Station.
Airdate: 7/10/05

by Rygar
With the remains of the UAC's leadership twiddling its thumbs on Warren, Bucky and Mimi infiltrate Genus to gather information. Back on Earth, Willy finally goes home and struggles to make the right decision.
Airdate: 9/11/05

Blood in the Water
by Rygar
Bucky's attempt to discover why Jenny vanished is cut short when a horde of toads attacks his frigate. What's worse, Cameleous has his own plans for the feline planet. But then, something familiar happens ...
Airdate: 9/25/05

by DJ Clawson and Rygar
It's been three years since the toads were driven off of Warren, but they left an unpleasant surprise behind -- one that may obliterate what's left of the UAC.
Airdate: 10/9/05

Journey in the Dark
by DJ Clawson
Fritz goes to the end of the universe on a rescue mission.
Airdate: 10/23/05

Justification, Part 1
by Claudia Carranza
Jenny left Genus to investigate the sudden silence of the voices of Aldebaran, only to find her homeworld in turmoil. Which side will triumph? What reasons will each side give for its actions? Who is right, and who is wrong?
Airdate: 11/6/05

Justification, Part 2
by DJ Clawson
Airdate: 4/30/06

Pieces in Place
by Rygar
Season Finale, part 1
Taking back Genus may be an impossible task, but it's not enough for Bucky. As things slowly fall into place, he gets an even bigger idea: shutting down KOMPLEX once and for all.
Airdate: 5/14/06
Bonus illustration by Powree

Best-Laid Plans
by Rygar
Season Finale, part 2
Airdate: 5/28/06
Bonus illustration by Powree

The Fate of Genus
by Rygar and DJ Clawson
Season Finale, part 3
Airdate: 6/11/06
Bonus illustration by Powree

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