"Bye Bye Berserker Baboon"

Episode transcript (provided by Kooshmeister)

Toadborg hatches a plot to take over Betelgeusia, home of the baboons, because they're the biggest threat to the toads. He explains to the Air Marshal that the toads have such an innate fear of baboons that he has developed goggles that “alter” the image of baboons to make them look wimpy instead of frightening. Meanwhile, on Earth, Willy is convinced by a popular girl named T.J. to lend her his notes (she seems to be aware that he likes to be rubbed on the head). Another girl, Susie, tries to convince Willy that T.J. is just borrowing his notes to cheat on tests. He denies it.

When Willy gets home, Jenny calls him to invite him to a ceremony on Betelgeusia in Bruiser's honor. At the ceremony, Bruiser is asked by his old general to help break in the new troops at the baboon training base, and Bruiser agrees. Willy talks his way into going along.

The toads finally invade the planet, goggles and all. They capture Bruiser, Willy, and the trainee baboons at the base. Back in Bruiser's mom's tree house, Bucky and the rest of the crew are busy helping her pick bananas when the toads arrive. Unfortunately, the Air Marshal brings along a giant pink monster, the Total Terror Toad, which keeps them busy for the rest of the episode. Back at the camp, Willy and the baboons escape, and Willy figures out what the goggles are doing and builds a machine to reverse their effects. He fires it at the toads, who all suddenly realize they are surrounded by baboons and run away, back to the mothership. Bucky gets rid of the Total Terror Toad, then gives a nice speech about seeing things clearly, which brings us back to ... the Earth soap opera! Willy tells T.J. off (in his wimpy Willy way), and Susie is so impressed that she asks him to a dance.

This episode is available on the US video "Bye-Bye Berserker Baboon" and was not released on video in the UK.