Bucky O'Hare: Counter Attack

This book was purchased off eBay in August 2008 and appears to be an attempt by Continuity Studios to introduce investors to the Bucky O'Hare property. The front cover is a sticker applied to the board, and the inside pages were printed on a laser printer. The book was bound in such a way that getting clean, flat scans was difficult. Aside from the two-page inside spread, only one side of each page has an image on it. The contact info given at the end of the book was e-mailed, without response.
This book is being made available for download because it was never released for purchase.

Since the Web Series was conceived and designed based on the Bucky O'Hare cartoon and not the comic book continuity, the information in this handbook is not all necessarily canon for Season Two and beyond. It can be assumed, however, that this material is "true" canon.

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