"Home, Swampy Home"

Episode transcript (provided by phantym)
Episode transcript (provided by Kooshmeister)

Bucky O'Hare flies through the ruins of Warren on the Toad Croaker to visit his mentor. The rest of the crew is aboard The Righteous Indignation in orbit. Deadeye wishes Bucky would've let him come but is reminded that Bucky must see his mentor alone. Along the way, Bucky is attacked by stormtoads riding in submersible vehicles but manages to defeat them.

Arriving at his mentor's cave, Bucky is told that is easier to take a fortress from inside by stealth than from outside by force. He does not yet understand what this means. Upon leaving, he is attacked by the toad submersibles again and captured in a net, as The Righteous Indignation is set upon by a toad warship. They are forced to flee, but their radio is damaged. Jenny summons Willy, who was playing with a remote control airplane, and he fixes the radio, but they can't raise Bucky. Concluding he was captured, they head back to Warren.

Meanwhile, Bucky is brought aboard the toad ship that attacked them and presented to Captain Smada, a flamboyant toad officer, who mocks the hare's resistance.

Elsewhere, on a planet called Kinnear, the toads have built a factory where they are forcing enslaved mammals, mostly hares, to build something. The operation is overseen by the Toad Air Marshal. A fox named Mimi LaFloo is attempting to lead a resistance but finds herself outshone by Bucky's legacy; her hare companions Larry and Bob insist Bucky will come and rescue them. Captain Smada contacts the Air Marshal and presents Bucky to him, and he is ordered to send the hare to Kinnear. Bucky recognizes the planet's name.

Larry is horrified by Bucky's capture, and Mimi is not sympathetic, telling him they'll have to help themselves. With the toads busy celebrating, Mimi is able to steal a printout from a computer and shows it to Bob, who realizes it is a blueprint for a climate converter. He says they have to destroy it.

Smada is contacted by KOMPLEX, who is displeased he wasn't told of Bucky's capture and instructs Smada to send Bucky to him on the Toad Homeworld, not to Kinnear. Blinky intercepts KOMPLEX's transmission, allowing the Righteous to pursue and disable the toad ship, freeing Bucky, who says he now knows what his mentor meant. Disguising himself as an elderly hare named Angus McJump, he returns to Warren and allows two stormtoads to capture him. Pretending to plead with them, he uses reverse psychology and winds up convincing them to send him as a slave to Kinnear.

At the slave factory, Mimi and her friends sabotage a crane and are caught. They're put in the "torture room" and forced to watch Toad TV by Frix and Frax. Frix and Frax are called away by the Air Marshal, stopping the torture. Fearing that KOMPLEX has lost faith in him, the Air Marshal orders all slaves to work double shifts until the climate converter is finished, including the ones in the torture chamber.

Bucky, still disguised as Angus, is brought in and reunited with his Aunt Iris. She takes him to meet Mimi, but when she becomes angry at Bob suggesting what Bucky O'Hare would do in their situation, Bucky realizes Mimi doesn't like him and stays in character. Mimi's new plan is to reach the factory's command platform and take it over. Pretending to be old and feeble, Bucky insists he participate, and Mimi, unimpressed, tells him he can stand watch. To reach the command platform, they'll need a good jumper, and Bob volunteers Larry as Warren's second best jumper (after Bucky).

The next day, the four make their move. Mimi gets a maser rifle from a stormtoad she knocks out, and then they overpower some scientists, but another stormtoad notices and hits the escape alarm. Larry prepares to leap to the command platform -- which is on a jointed metal arm so it can be raised and lowered at the whim of the toads -- but becomes afraid and backs out, allowing Bucky to unmask himself, shocking them. He runs and jumps, barely making it. He swings up and kicks a atormtoad, taking his rifle, and aiming it at the Air Marshal, Frix, Frax and several scientists.

The toads run as Bucky shoots at them. The Air Marshal and the scientists get into an elevator. Frix manages to squeeze in, but the door shuts in Frax's face. Bucky blasts the control panel, knocking out the factory's power and opening the ceiling to allow sunlight in. The slaves begin attacking their overseers, gaining their freedom. Observing this with Larry, Mimi becomes enamored with Bucky and changes her opinion of him. The Righteous Indignation arrives after its long-range sensors detect the factory's loss of power.

Willy observes that this climate converter is identical to the one they blew up on Genus. The Air Marshal, in a double bubble with Frix, announces over the P.A. system that unless the mammals surrender, he'll blow up the factory, which horrifies Frix because Frax is still inside. Mimi loses heart and insists the toads have won. However, Bucky turns the converter on and whips up a storm, causing the Air Marshal's double bubble to crash. The hares all celebrate their freedom.

Later, on Genus, the Secretary General of the Security Council awards Mimi the rank of captain and gives her a ship. She thanks him, but he tells her to thank Bucky because it was his idea. She does, by kissing him, which annoys Jenny. When Blinky asks the name of the new ship, Mimi christens it The Screaming Mimi, shocking Bucky.

This episode is available on the US video "On The Blink" and the UK video "Home Swampy Home."

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