Doug Katsaros

Doug Katsaros wrote the theme song for the Bucky O'Hare cartoon, as well as the show's incidental music. He's also done a ton of other work in the music industry -- visit his Web site for more information.

Doug graciously agreed to an e-mail interview for the site. Check it out!

How were you approached to work on Bucky O'Hare?

Doug Katsaros: I had worked with Neal Adams on a film called "Nannaz" and when Bucky came along, he asked me to submit some ideas. I finished the demo that same day!

How much music did you write for the show?

DK: All of the music. The theme, and about an hour's worth of underscoring bits with interchangeable/interlocking endings.

The Bucky O'Hare theme song is pretty distinctive and has stuck in a lot of fans' minds. How do you feel about the piece?

DK: I really dig the guitar figure that supports the piece, and all of those crazy chromatic interludes crack me up. Finally, the idea that Bucky actually gets frustrated and shouts "I SAID Bucky!!" is hysterical to me.

Did you play any instruments or sing on the theme song?

DK: I played all of the instruments, and sang back-up. We recorded in Vancouver, and auditioned about 20 vocalists, finally settling on some great rock'n'roller whose name unfortunately escapes me.

Did you write any music for the Bucky O'Hare Nintendo game or arcade game?

DK: Not specifically, however I understand they used my themes.

Do you have any fond memories of working on Bucky O'Hare?

DK: I had a nice trip to Vancouver. :) Also I dug the episodes -- I mostly saw them in layout form, since the music was written before the shows were animated. Finally, I got to hang with the terrific Neal Adams, and met some wonderful people at Sunbow as well.

What other cartoons have you written music for?

DK: I wrote the theme and score for THE TICK! Also for Sgt. Savage, and some other lesser toons.

Of all you've done, what work are you most proud of?

DK: I try to only write music that I am proud of. Why bother otherwise? That said, I am particularly fond of the ABC Sunday Night Movie theme, the opening theme for the TONY awards, the music for the Xerox pavilion at the Seville World's Fair, my theatre piece of Moby Dick, the several platinum albums I earned for Rod Stewart, Bon Jovi, Kiss and others, and of course, I am the guy who wrote "By Mennen"!!!

What are you working on currently? Any cool projects around the corner?

DK: I wrote the music for both last year's, and now this year's gigantic Macy's 4th of July Extravaganza, for NBC. I have a show opening up in San Francisco called “The End” this May, and another piece called "Valadon" optioned for Broadway. I'm working on a musical with the band Chicago, and lots of other theatre work, but I'm never too busy to consider more gigs!

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