"War of the Warts"
(season premiere, part 1)

Episode transcript (provided by Kooshmeister)

In a place called the aniverse, the Toad Air Marshal and his assistants, Frix and Frax, gloat over the recent invasion of Warren. Elsewhere, the good ship TheRighteous Indignation, on a routine patrol, intercepts a toad slave ship. Captain Bucky O'Hare, a green hare from Warren, sends First Mate Jenny the Aldebaran cat and Engineer Bruce the Betelgeusian Berserker Baboon to storm the slave ship despite Bruce's concern over the ship's malfunctioning photon accelerator.

The mammals successfully defeat the toads and take control of the slave ship, as Jenny and Bruce handle the toads aboard the ship while Bucky and Gunner Deadeye Duck destroy the double bubble escort fighters. Bucky is distraught to learn that the slaves are all hares like him. An elderly hare tells Bucky that Warren has been conquered, and they urge him to go to the United Animal Security Council on Genus to warn them of the toad incursion. Elsewhere, the Air Marshal learns of the slave ship being attacked and vows to destroy the heroic green hare once and for all.

On Earth, boy genius Willy DuWitt is facing problems both at home and at school. At school, bully Doug McKenna pressures him to fail the big science test that is coming up, while at home, Willy's parents, aging hippies David and Sunshine, are inattentive toward their son. When Willy asks for advice on what to do about his bully problem, David imparts this wisdom to his son, "Some things are so important, they're worth doing no matter what the cost." He and Sunshine leave to attend a rally, while Willy finds solace in his science project, a photon accelerator.

Back in the Aniverse, the toad slave ship, piloted by the hares, is almost destroyed by Genus's defense system, a ring of satellites designed to fire on any toad vessels. Jenny prevents it from being destroyed by entering a clearance code. Bucky sees the Security Council about Warren, demanding more ships, but the arrogant Secretary General, a pig, refuses unless Bucky can give him documented proof of the toad attacks. Bucky vows to do just that.

The Righteous Indignation leaves Genus and flies straight into a trap set by the toads. To escape, the mammals fly into an asteroid field. During the battle, the photon accelerator malfunctions and sucks Bruce into another dimension, leaving behind only his empty clothes. The accelerator powers down as well, leaving the Righteous stranded. Bucky weighs their options and decides to risk turning the device back on so they can escape. At the exact moment he does so, on Earth, Willy turns his own device on, accidentally creating a link between Earth and the aniverse.

After some initial hesitancy on Bucky's part, he accepts the awestruck Willy's offer to help repair the photon accelerator. First, he returns to his room and grabs several things, including some play money. Deadeye finds a squirt gun and confiscates it, thinking it is a real weapon. Returning to the aniverse, Willy repairs the photon accelerator.

Jenny wonders whether Willy's closet door, which is the link between the two dimensions, will disappear when the photon accelerator is reactivated, trapping Willy in the aniverse. Willy admits this is a danger, but he is determined to stay and help his new friends, remembering what his father told him. Bucky orders everyone to take their stations as, outside, the toad double bubbles prepare to fire on the stranded frigate.

This episode is available on the US video "The Toad Menace" and the UK video "War of the Warts."

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