Bucky O'Hare Fan Fiction

(updated 10/6/19)

This is an archive for fan fiction written by Bucky O'Hare fans. The fanfics here do not have any connection to the Web Series.


  1. You are free to work in any format you want, be it the script format of the Web Series, your own script format, prose, poetry, or something else.
  2. Submit stories in text format (that is, as .txt files). Mail them to Rygar, and include only one story per e-mail. Stories will be posted the first weekend of every month.
  3. Fanfics will be posted as submitted. They will have their margins fixed, but they will not be edited for style, content, grammar, or typos.
  4. Writers are limited to three new stories per month.
  5. Do not encode hard line breaks into your stories. In other words, do not hit the enter key at the end of each line of text. Only hit enter after a paragraph. Downloading this example may help if this rule seems confusing. Make sure your word processor does not add hard line breaks into your file.
  6. When you e-mail your fanfic, include a short blurb (one or two sentences) describing the story. See below for examples.
  7. Stories with mild violent or sexual content will be reviewed, and a disclaimer may be added to the summary blurb. Stories with graphic violent and sexual content will be rejected.
  8. Stories that do not include Bucky O'Hare or other known characters will be accepted if they clearly take place in the aniverse, but keep in mind that this is a Bucky O'Hare fan fiction archive, not an aniverse fan fiction archive.
  9. You may include one or two pieces of art per story, so long as the art has direct relevance to the fanfic.
  10. Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will be rejected.

Authors are listed in alphabetical order.

Featured Authors

Andrew Norris

Scott Oliverson [new 10/6/19]


Dennis Rowarr

Stories by Tiffany Adams

Willy's mother is not as dumb as she looks.

Stories by ApacheMan2K

Mask of the Chameleon
Willy's cousin comes over for a visit and disappears after sneaking into the aniverse. Also, the toads construct a top-secret weapon and are about to test it on Oceanus I.

Stories by Dahaka

The Shadow of a Hero: Betrayal from a Loved One
Shadi and Phaias, mother and son, love one another as if they had no one else. But when a reprieve given to Phaias by the Queen before he was born expires, Shadi is faced with the decision of her life.

The Shadow of a Hero: A Dark Foe
Phaias is finally ready to get his revenge when, he gets captured by an unknown race. In his escape, he finds a mysterious figure that knows more about him than he does.

Stories by Fero McPiglet

Fero Destroys the Aniverse!!!
The fate of the aniverse, and everyone in it, rests on Bucky's fluffy head. ... Yes, the title is exactly as it sounds. Not to be taken seriously!

Stories by Hush

Demons of the Past
Aldebaran and the rest of the aniverse face their darkest hour as a powerful demon plans on taking over the whole aniverse. In doing so, though, he resurfaces Aldebaran history's most Dangerous Order.

Demons of the Past, Part 2
When the time for civil war appraoaches Aldebaran, a certain Artificer begins to doubt the methods of the Sisterhood and discovers what type of powers she truly has.

Ignited Flames
What happens when a simple teenage Celestian fox is being monitored by the aniverse's most powerful and dangerous organization?

Stories by Keetanna

For Better, Or Worse
Toadborg holds Jenny's sister hostage.

A New Encounter
Willy brings his friend into the aniverse, and Jenny gets her revenge on Toadborg.

A Fate Undone
Toadborg captures Jenny and implants something in her that may kill her.

A Common Likeness
Chairman Warner gives Bucky a new captain to train.

Stories by Kooshmeister

The Finer Things
UAC staffer Renfield Billings finds himself, and his loyalties, caught between two different worlds.

Stories by Mad Cat

The Shadow Ones, Part 1
A mysterious collective of animals have been watching the aniverse. Are they here to save the aniverse, or destroy it?

The Shadow Ones, Part 2

The Shadow Ones, Part 3

The Shadow Ones, Part 4

Vergil goes to Aldebaran to find and retrieve Cassie, but ends up doing a quest as requested by the Queen herself.

Truth and Reconciliation
What happens when one of the most important members of Katrina's family learns some harsh truths?

Restless Dreams
All sides are preparing to take Genus back from the toads. Who will survive?

Restless Dreams, Part 2
After landing on Genus, what surprises will be in store for the frigate's crew?

Stories by Andrew Norris

Aftermath, Part 1
A strange radio signal, an unexplored universe, and two failed missions to the planet Genus arouse suspicions on Earth, prompting a third mission to be dispatched. Part 1 of 3.

Aftermath, Part 2
After her 53-year journey, the CSC Clarke has finally reached the aniverse, but her arrival only brings more questions for the puzzled crew. Part 2 of 3.

Aftermath, Part 3
The pieces finally fall together, and the true cause for the aniverse's death can at long last be revealed to the ever-curious humans. Part 3 of 3.

Click here for additional stories by Andrew Norris.

Stories by Ben Palazzolo

Casualties of War
Episode 1: Illusions of Safety.

Stories by Pheonix

Blaze's Origin Story
The crew of the Righteous meets a phoenix from another dimension who might be useful in their battle with the toads.

Stories by Powree

Zacheim Cross Prologue
The mammals encounter a strange and deadly new ship.

Chapter One: The Message
Queen Katrina receives early signs of danger ...

Stories by Rygar

The Stranger
A mysterious stranger offers Bucky O'Hare a unique perspective on the Toad Wars.

Stories by StormToad87636

Untitled Saga
Ash returns to service after missing for a few months, but why is he gray?

Stories by Tom

The final battle of the Toad Wars.

Stories by WatsonSword

The Opposite Face Of War
Willy DuWitt has never been in the center of a firefight, nor ever taken a life. Thrust from the comfort of The Righteous Indignation into the worst war has to offer, he is forced to choose his fate: Curl up in despair and die, or fight to the bitter end?

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