Bucky O'Hare Fan Fiction by Dennis Rowarr

(updated 10/31/09)

Drake's 7: Beginnings
Drake Duck is a freedom fighter, avenging the murder of his father by forces of the Heron Federation twenty years ago. But a chance meeting sets Drake out on a journey that few have accomplished, and even he may not come out alive ...

Drake's 7: Child of Aldebaran
Trapped on Federation-controlled Aldebaran awaiting execution, Drake unites with an unlikely ally to escape the clutches of the Heron Federation forces.

Drake's 7: Star Temple
En route to Aes, the crew of the Avenger are forced down on a strange and desolate world populated by even stranger inhabitants ...

Drake's 7: Heart Of Ice
Lured to the ice planet Wednos by a distress signal, the crew of the Avenger come across a mysterious spaceship they are keen to investigate.

Drake's 7: Setbacks
The Avenger is facing certain destruction by a hostile force. Can the mysterious Michael Olan help them before it is too late?

Drake's 7: Captured
The Avenger continues on its journey to Aes, only to be forced down in the Balticum system. But why is the Federation so wary of their good luck? Part 1 of 3.

Drake's 7: Suspicions
Drake and his crew are stranded on Balticum VI, as "guests" of the planet's ruler. But beyond the facade, something sinister lurks. Part 2 of 3.

Drake's 7: Revolution
Trouble is brewing on Balticum VI, and the heat is on for Drake to keep a solemn promise. Part 3 of 3.

Drake's 7: Arrival
The Avenger has finally reached Aes, the planet of liberty, but what lies beneath the peaceful facade?

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