"The Taking of Pilot Jenny"
(season finale)

Episode transcript (provided by Andrew Norris)

Jenny and Blinky are flying along on the Toad Croaker when they are captured by Toadborg. Willy, back on Earth, is alarmed that no one's called him in a while and arrives on the Righteous to discover everyone's alarmed at Jenny's capture. The toads demand, in exchange for Jenny, the climate converter (we'll call it CC1) Bucky stole in “Home, Swampy Home.” Bucky, to Willy's surprise, agrees and meets with the hares on Kinnear to discuss it. After getting the hares to agree, Bucky and the crew go to make the exchange, only to be captured by Toadborg. However, as soon as the toads have the crew prisoner, Dogstar and the real Bucky O'Hare (he switched with his similar-looking cousin when meeting with the hares) blast through the toad defenses. The crew (now including Jenny and Blinky) escape and steal CC1, while Bucky and Dogstar go to the still-swampy Warren to remove the climate converter currently there (CC2) from the planet.

After boarding CC2, Bucky and Dogstar's crews battle a robot controlled by KOMPLEX. They eventually win, and Bucky gets CC2 off the planet. KOMPLEX recovers and uses CC2 to attack CC1, which is being piloted toward Warren. Of course, Bucky defeats KOMPLEX again, and then he destroys CC2. Willy uses CC1, which has been reprogrammed by the hares, to change Warren back to woodland instead of swamp, so the hares can repopulate. Bucky explains to Willy that the whole thing was Jenny's plan and was a way to get the reprogrammed CC1 onto Warren, as the toads would only let it near Warren if they thought the mammals were giving it to them in exchange for Jenny. And all is well in the aniverse.

This episode is available on the US video "The Taking Of Pilot Jenny" and was not released on video in the UK.