"The Warriors"

Episode transcript (provided by Natalie Farrell)
Episode transcript (provided by Kooshmeister)

The Air Marshal is in charge of a mining expedition of crystals. Bucky and the crew arrive, and in preparation, the Air Marshal orders the toads to perform the double helix maneuver -- one so dangerous that the toads screw it up and crash their ships into each other, leaving the mammal slaves (beavers, apparently) easily freed by the Righteous.

KOMPLEX is so irritated by the failure that he strips the Air Marshal of his rank and gives it to Frix and Frax. Dejected, the Air Marshal goes for a drink in a seedy reptilian bar, where he meets Slyly Zod, a samurai lizard who reveals his own plot to conquer Kanopis III, land of the four-armed ducks and Deadeye's home world, by using evaporation satellites to drain the planet's water supply. Unfortunately, he foolishly killed the scientist he hired before the satellites were finished. The Air Marshal makes a deal with him: He'll deliver a scientist if he can share the glory. Slyly Zod agrees.

The Air Marshal and Slyly Zod kidnap Willy, but Bucky can't pursue because the Righteous is in for repairs. Deadeye takes off in search of a friend who is an expert at samurai lizards -- Kamikaze Kamo, the ninja duck. Kamikaze, after a fight, agrees to help him, and they fly to Saurion, where the samurai lizards dwell.

On Saurion, Willy has been forced to finish the satellites. Deadeye and Kamikaze arrive just as the Air Marshal is leaving with them. Slyly Zod gets away, and Willy is freed. Willy then reveals that he built a self-destruction device into each satellite and activates them. The satellites are destroyed, and they capture Slyly Zod. The Air Marshal returns to the toads and is re-awarded his rank after Frix and Frax screw up worse than he did.

This episode is available on the US video "The Taking Of Pilot Jenny" and the UK video "Corsair Canards."