Bucky O'Hare Action Figures and Vehicles: Wave 2

The second wave of Bucky O'Hare toys was to include seven new action figures, three vehicles, and one large vehicle playset. Many of these toys made it past the design stage, and some even exist as packaged prototypes. Unfortunately, they never made it to toy stores. Various pieces of art from the production process have surfaced, however.

The second wave action figures included Bucky O'Hare with Space Walk Lifeline, Jenny, Kamikaze Kamo, Pit Stop Pete, Rumble Bee, Sly Lee-Zard, and Total Terror Toad.

The second wave vehicles included the Twin-Turbo Toad Thrasher, the Battle Bucket, the T.O.A.D. Bomber, and The Righteous Indignation playset.

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Packacing art lineup including second-wave figures

Bucky O'Hare with Space Walk Lifeline card art

Bucky O'Hare with Space Walk Lifeline packaged figure and prototype

Jenny reference art

Jenny packaged figure and prototype

Kamikaze Kamo reference art

Kamikaze prototype

Pitstop Pete reference art

Pitstop Pete packaged figure and prototype

Rumble Bee card art

Rumble Bee reference art

Rumble Bee packaged figure and prototype

Sly Leezard prototype

Total Terror Toad reference art

Total Terror Toad packaged figure and prototype

Unpainted prototypes for Rumble Bee, Pitstop Pete, Kamikaze Kamo, and Sly Lee-Zard

Battle Bucket reference art

The Righteous Indignation package art

Images from Hasbro Toy Fair Magazines in 1992 showing unreleased figures and vehicles

Magazine article on the unreleased second wave

Bucky O'Hare Action Figures and Vehicles: Wave 3

Some plans for the third wave of figures began before the toy line was cancelled. Figures planned for this line include Calvin Lupus-Smythe, Digger McSquint, Tadpole Tribot , KOMPLEX, another Jenny, another Storm Toad Trooper, and a robot possibly named Smiley.

Calvin Lupus-Smythe (aka Wolf) unpainted prototype

Digger McSquint reference art

KOMPLEX reference art

Tadpole Tribot reference art 4

Toad Blaster package art and prototype

Reference art including the other Storm Toad Trooper design

Reference art showing "Smiley," Bucky O'Hare with Space Walk Lifeline, and Rumble Bee

Reference art showing Sly Lee-Zard, another Storm Toad Trooper, Total Terror Toad, and another Jenny

Card art for Jenny, KOMPLEX, and Tadpole Tribot

Bucky O'Hare: Shocker Toys

The now-defunct toy company Shocker Toys announced a line of Bucky O'Hare figurines in 2005. They planned to release Bucky, Jenny, Deadeye, and a Storm Toad. While the toys were never released, prototype photographs are available.

More images of all four unreleased figurines are available here.

Other unreleased merchandise and miscellaneous pictures are included below.

Transport case

"Hasbro 1991" art

Unreleased AFC Blinky prototype (with chrome body)

Unknown art

Standard figurine backing art

Head art for Bucky O'Hare and Storm Toad Trooper

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