The Bucky O'Hare Web Series was a fan project started by DJ Clawson in 1998. The series produced four complete seasons of Bucky O'Hare, continuing where the cartoon left off. The final Web Series season, Season Five, finished airing in Jauary 2011.

Web Series episodes exist as scripts only; they have never been animated.

Note: There exist a few discrepancies between the TV show and the Web Series.

Season Five
All Season Five episodes
Season Five fan survey

Season Four
All Season Four episodes
Season Four fan survey

Season Three
All Season Three episodes
Season Three fan survey

Season Two
All Season Two episodes
Season Two fan survey

The Web Series Staff:

Rygar (head senior writer)
Fero McPiglet (senior writer)
Kooshmeister (senior writer)
WatsonSword (senior writer)
Claudia Carranza (senior consultant)
Powree (senior artist)

DJ Clawson (senior writer emeritus)
Dawvitch Night-Fall (senior writer emeritus)

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